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Talking of Ireland
Our speaker on Tues 12 Jan was Alan Bairner of Loughborough University who gave an excellent talk on the GAA. If you would like to hear more from Alan, follow this link to Nicky Getgood’s video of his presentation for the Birmingham Irish Heritage Group. His Birmingham talk dealt with the role of sport in the North of Ireland.
Join NISG on Facebook to keep updated. These talks are funded by our grant from the Emigrant Support Programme. Many thanks to the Irish Embassy and Irish Department of Foreign Affairs.
3 Feb: NISG
gave a talk on ‘Fatherhood in Irish Fiction’ to Birmingham Irish Heritage Group. This was our third talk for Birmingham, so that’s a good link in the Midlands. We welcome invitations from other Irish-interest groups in the UK.

9 Feb: Sinéad Moynihan of University of Nottingham gave a fascinating talk on Irish-USA diaspora at Nottingham Irish Centre, covering a wide range of topics, from JFK to Barack Obama. Funded by Emigrant Support Programme.
10 Feb: Brian & Deirdre read aloud from the works of Flann O’Brien (Myles na gCopaleen/ Brian O’Nolan) for Arnold Library Reading Cafe. This was a repeat invitation by popular demand (they liked our Joyce event in 2009).
13 Feb: NISG ran a one-day session at Leicester Adult Education Centre on Saturday 13 Feb, on ‘Scandalous Women in Irish literature and society’.
Mansfield and Dukeries held a festival of Irish culture at Boothy’s Club in Mansfield on Fri 19 Feb. Photos in 5 March 2010 issue of the Irish World, thanks to Douglas MacDonald. See East Midlands Irish Forum on Facebook for photos, and here’s one:

Tues 3 March: NISG told Irish folktales to Empyrean Pagan Interest Group at Nottingham Theosophical Society Hall and we discussed the connections between our folklore and that of other cultures.
Tues 9 March: Gill Spraggs gave a very well-informed talk on London Irish settlement since the reign of Elizabeth I.
Funded by Emigrant Support Programme.
Sat 13 March: NISG told Irish folktales for children at Mansfield Library. Children made Patrick’s Day cards, and coloured pictures of folk-heroes Maeve, Fionn, Oisín and Niamh, Deirdre and Naoise, Cúchulainn, and the children of Lir.
Tues 16 March: Pat Murphy gave a talk on Nottingham MP and Chartist Feargus O’Connor at the Irish Centre. It was attended by representatives of the Irish Embassy.
Tues 16 and Wed 17: NISG ran workshops on humour in Irish literature for school groups visiting Loughborough University as part of their Widening Participation programme.
Fri 19 March
: Irish readings on folklore and poetry for Nottingham Hospice on Woodborough Road. NISG had a good time with the hospice audience, who have a great sense of humour and enjoyed Paul Durcan’s writing.
29 March: Beeston Library hosted readings by Brian and Deirdre, from Samuel Beckett’s writings, to an appreciative audience who laughed in all the right places. Thanks to Sheelagh Gallagher and Nottinghamshire Libraries Services.
Mon 12 April: NISG gave a talk on the theme of  ‘Family in Irish Literature’ for Salvation Army Home League. This resulted from the organiser, Cheryll, attending one of our literature workshops as part of Patrick’s Day festival last year. Tues 13 April: Readings from Flann O’Brien, the great comic writer (Myles na gCopaleen/Brian O’Nualláin) 7.30 – 9pm, Nottingham Irish Centre.
Sat 24 April: NISG led an Irish Poetry discussion for Nottingham Poetry Society. Poems to do with the art of writing were chosen, given that the audience themselves are poets.
Thurs 6 May 8pm, Deirdre, Brian and others read Yeats’ poetry at Nottingham Writers’ Studio. The event was part of a project organised by Jenny Swann of Candlestick Press, involving NCN students illustrating Yeats’ poetry using sequential (ie comic strip) art. You can listen to the podcast here.

Tues 8 June: Peter Breheny (
University of Derby) gave an interesting talk on Troubles fiction from the North of Ireland.
NISG ‘Waiting for Beckett’ reading went well at Lowdham Book Festival on 26 June. Pity there were no photos of us as Estragon and Vladimir though.
Sat 17 July:
‘The Waters and the Wild’: Discussion on Nature in Irish poetry at Southwell Poetry Festival, led by Deirdre. A responsive audience for poems from Yeats, Boland, Dorcey and more.
Sept-Oct: Pat Murphy of NISG presented a series of talks on Irish history in Mansfield, Mon nights from 6 Sept – 11 Oct. Details on homepage or click here:
Irish History Course

Oct 12: ‘Images of Autumn in Irish poetry’, Ilkeston Library. Poems by Yeats, John Montague, Moya Cannon & others. Info: A lovely audience who expressed interest in having more Irish literature sessions.

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