Bloomsday @ Broadway

Bloomsday at Broadway

Saturday, 18th June, 2022 (save the date)

Celebrating James Joyce’s Ulysses on the centenary of its publication in 1922 with an introduction to both the book and its film adaptation (1967)
Speakers: Dr Deirdre O’Byrne (Loughborough University) and Dr Ian Brookes (University of Nottingham).

More details to follow here and on

Watch out for details of a performance of ‘Letters to Lucia’, a play by James Vollmar and Richard Rose, to be performed on Bloomsday itself, 16th June, in Northampton. The play considers the relationship of Lucia Anna Joyce, daughter of the Irish writer James Joyce with significant individuals in her life. These include her mother Nora Barnacle/Joyce (played in this performance by Deirdre O’Byrne of Nottingham Irish Studies Group), Nobel prize winning playwright Samuel Beckett, Kathleen Neel who was Lucia’s fellow dancer in Paris, and James Joyce himself. Details to follow.

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