Sláinte = health. Safe home / Slán abhaile.

Beannachtaí na Cásca oraibh, a chairde.
(Say: bann-okh-thee nah caw-skah ur-iv, ah khaw-ir-deh)

Easter greetings, friends.

Go mbeirimid beo ar an am seo arís.

(Say: Guh merr-imm-eed be-yoe err on owm shoh arr-eesh)
That we may be living at this same time again – ie, this time next year.

Téigí slán / Go safely.

(Say: thay-agh-ee slawn)

Sláinte – the customary Irish salutation when raising a glass – means health, and is, of course, a wish for Good Health.
The Irish for goodbye is Slán
(say: slawn).
A longer way of saying farewell is Slán abhaile
(say: slawn ah-wal-ya).
This directly translates as Safe Home: a parting wish still said by many Irish people when friends and relatives are setting out on the road after a visit.

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